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So what's an OptinLink anyway?

Unlike a traditional squeeze page, we don’t shove an optin form in the visitors’ face the moment they land on the site. That’s just uncool. And that way of building your list isn't working like it used to.

OptinLinks discreetly hides your optin form behind your call to action button or link – so they’re only asked for their email address when they’re ready to take action!

This literally goes against everything you thought you knew about conversions and it’s converting leads like clockwork! It’s the same strategy that millionaire-marketers like Frank Kern are using, and for the first time, you too can take advantage of this technology!

OptinLinks revolutionizes the way you build your list

Easily create high-converting two-step optin pages

Now you can work the “two-step” magic in minutes within your WordPress dashboard! OptinLinks turns any link or button on your site into massively high-converting optin forms.

Nothing comes close to the power OptinLinks is packing!

Integrate with all major email marketing providers

With Optinlinks you don’t need to mess with any PHP or form code. We integrate with your platform in a few clicks! Don’t see your service? Don’t worry we can use any form HTML from any autoresponder too!

Choose Between High-Converting Form Templates

OptinLinks comes pre-packed with a few high-converting templates that you can choose from. These babies have been battle-tested for high conversions – but if you wanna get all fancy – they’re completely customizable to fit whatever style you’re going for.

New! Powerful and Never-before-seen feature!

Subscribe Leads To Multiple Lists

OptinLinks is the first plugin of its kind to subscribe your leads to as many lists as you want! Not only can you specify exactly where each form sends your leads to, this advanced technology can subscribe leads to an unlimited number of lists and even across multiple platforms!

Double Optin & Confirm Your Leads in Real Time

Want people to confirm their email before accessing your secure page? OptinLinks makes it easy! This feature displays a “waiting box” that only redirects to your thank you page when your visitor has confirmed their email address. And it does it instantly, in real time!

Run Fully-Responsive & “Mobile Ready” Campaigns

OptinLinks works on any device right out the box without you having to do anything. So don't worry about missing out on leads from visitors browsing from their phone or tablets!

Live Performance Stats

We all know that the art of high conversions is knowing exactly what’s working and what isn’t… no other plugin shows that more clearly than OptinLinks. We track everything that moves on your site to give you a clear picture of how your links and campaigns are performing.

Build your list and make money faster than ever before

This is the future of list building and until now the top marketers have been keeping this all to themselves.

OptinLinks brings this new, underground technology to the mainstream and the possibilities of how you can use it are endless!

Here’s a few of many ways to make money and explode your list with OptinLinks:

Build OptinLink Squeeze Pages

Not to be confused with a traditional “squeeze page” – use OptinLinks two-step technology to create squeeze pages that actually convert!

Collect Affiliate Link Leads

Don’t send people through an affiliate link, use an OptinLink! Now you can get their email addresses before sending them to the offer to follow up with them on purchasing or promote similar products.

Split Articles and Secure Premium Content

OptinLinks allows you to secure premium content and the “good stuff” to only people who subscribe to you. This is a quick and easy way to build your list - and if the ever unsubscribe, the plugin automatically revokes their access to the secured content.

Use OptinLinks in Banners or Sidebars

You can place an OptinLink anywhere on your site, even in banners and sidebar images! This opens up tons of list-building opportunities

Make Money Helping Offline Businesses

OptinLinks “Professional” package lets you operate OptinLinks on your clients sites from YOUR dashboard – even if they don’t use WordPress!

I make a decent side income by promoting affiliate products on WP, visitors would land on my page, click my affiliate link and they are gone forever.

Now I can still send my traffic directly to my affiliate pitch and once they click my affiliate link to continue, BOOM... they need to enter their email! This thing has sky-rocketed my conversions and income!

plrvideoking.com - Kory Pearman

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Advanced Stats & Analytics

In our “Advanced” and “Professional” package, the stats page show you exactly WHO opted into your lists, which form they opted into, which campaign, which email address they used, the exact time, date and location they subscribed and even show you browser they were using.

Unlimited Split-Testing

In our “Advanced” and “Professional” package, the stats page show you exactly WHO opted into your lists, which form they opted into, which campaign, which email address they used, the exact time, date and location they subscribed and even show you browser they were using.

Client Management Portal

Make some easy money running your own “OptinLinks Business.” Our client management feature allows you to operate OptinLinks on your clients sites from YOUR dashboard – without them having to install the plugin – and even if they don’t use WordPress!

Add the nitrous to the way you build your list!

Used to be all you needed was a simple squeeze...

Those days are over. OptinLinks is your all-in-one tool that not only builds you massive lists... but massively responsive lists - bigger, faster and easier than ever before.

And the good news is... with Optinlinks you don't have to be a coder, web designer, or a "guru" to pull this off. This plugin does all of heavy-lifting and technical work for you, right out of the package!

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you’re unhappy with OptinLinks for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know and we’ll refund your investment in full!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Verified Secured Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which mailers does OptinLinks integrate with?

    OptinLinks integrates directly with the API's of Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, ConstantContact, iContact, Rapid Mailer, InfusionSoft, SendReach, OntraPort and GoToWebinar! If your autoresponder isn't on the list, don't worry! You can also use any form HTML from any autoresponder with our system.

  • My autoresponder isn't on the list, can I still use OptinLinks?

    Yes! You can use OptinLinks without an integrated mailer. You can simply paste in the form HTML from your autoresponder and OptinLinks will work with it. You can also export your leads to a csv and import them to any autoresponder you have.

  • Does OptinLinks work with OptimizePress?

    Yep! OptinLinks is compatible with OptimizePress as well as any other sales page theme or plugin.

  • Is OptinLinks mobile responsive?

    Yes, absolutely! Responsive design is part of our core philosophy, just try resizing this sales page to check it out.

  • Are there any monthly/yearly fees or hidden charges?

    Absolutely not. This is a one time investment and you will gain lifetime access to the software and all of the upgrades/enhancements we make.

  • Does OptinLinks only work with WordPress? What about HTML sites?

    All versions of OptinLinks must be installed on a WordPress site in order to function. However in the “Professional Package” you can use the client system to put a fully functional OptinLink on any page that you can put 1 line of javascript on. This allows you to put an OptinLink basically anywhere on the web that you have access to and completely control it from your WordPress install.